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Good Study Habits to Improve Grades

Taking IELTS is something that requires a lot of preparation. The test results can be life-changing and those who succeed can have the key to many doors of opportunities. There are test takers who want to gain university admission while others take the exam to live and work in an English-speaking, very livable country. This is why it is extremely important for examinees to resort to all measures available for them just to be fully equipped with the knowledge and […]

Goal Setting and Making It Highly Achievable

I’ve been teaching English for many years now, and one of the things I learned about this profession is to set achievable goals, or shall I say teach my students to do it. Yesterday, I stumbled upon this article while I was browsing the internet for my research. Check this out: How To Set Language Learning Goals You Can Reach | HowToLanguages I imagine that we are all familiar with the concept of goals and if you are reading this […]