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Planning IELTS Test Prep

Having a high band score in the IELTS test can be life-changing to many test takers. It means they can study in the university that they love or work and live in an English speaking country that they been dreaming of. However, the question is how in the world would they be able to increase their chance in passing the test? Well, the answer is simple and it is called preparation. The other day, I came across an article that […]

Some English Lessons Needed for the IELTS Test

Recently, I came across this article about the IELTS grammar lesson. It contains tips for the IELTS exam and covers a variety of English learning topics. If you want to be more equipped with knowledge before the test, please have a look: IELTS Grammar Lesson on Reflexive Pronouns ~ IELTS Exams Tips Philippines Generally speaking, pronouns avoid redundancy of mentioning the same nouns in the sentence. They are used to substitute to names of nouns in constructing a sentence. In […]