The English language is spoken and used in a large number of countries, and most of them are highly-developed and very livable. English is widely used that there is an estimated number of 2 billion individuals who use it to communicate with others. Individuals can only enter the global workforce if they have the require English language proficiency. By having the necessary English skills and knowledge, non-English speakers will be able to communicate with others and function normally in an English-speaking society.


The effects of being able to speak, listen, write and read English can be pleasantly life changing. This is why an increasing number of people around the world are trying to improve their English skills and knowledge. To be English proficient and be able to study, work and live abroad they need to pass the IELTS test. This exam is internationally recognized in different areas around the globe and passing it is one of the biggest steps that immigrants and students can make.

Jim Wong provides this website to make English learning easy and fun. You will find here some information, reading tools, and test materials that can help you do well during the IELTS test. Also check out some posts about test preparation courses, IELTS results, how to achieve goals, workshops and teaching techniques for teachers.